Announcing the NXTsoft Referral Program!

Announcing the NXTsoft Referral Program!
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NXTsoft is excited to launch our new Referral Program!

When you share your personal referral link with your connections, you can earn money! We promise to give your referrals the same great service that we give you. Currently, we have referral programs for vCISO, OmniConnect, our NXTsoft Community, and Potential Partners.


How it works:

You get your reward as soon as your eligible referral schedules and attends an exploratory call. (This is for the OmniConnect Demo, vCISO Demo, and Partner referral programs.) With the Community referral program, when your eligible referral signs up for the NXTsoft Community, you both earn a $5 VISA gift card!

What are you waiting for?

Visit the Referral Hub to get started.



Referral Program FAQ:

Where is the link to sign up?


What referral programs does this include?

Right now, we have four referral programs through this page:

  • OmniConnect
  • vCISO
  • Partner
  • Community member


How does it work?

You sign up to get a unique shareable URL. Then, your referrals and you have the chance to earn money.


Is the referral hub for new and existing customers?

This program is only for new clients and would not be used for existing clients who want an add-on.

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