How to Make the Most Out of the NXTsoft Community

  • 25 June 2021
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The NXTsoft Community is very beneficial to members when fully utilized! Here are three steps to getting the most out of the community:

:small_blue_diamond:ENGAGE - The NXTsoft Community hosts a wonderful place to engage with others on a variety of topics in a variety of industries. Engaging with other members of the community allows for collaboration and participation in discussions and important topics or ideas.

:small_blue_diamond:UTILIZE - Take advantage of the “How to Use the Community” section. Introduce yourself to the community, take a tour, learn how to send direct messages, and more through this section.

:small_blue_diamond:CREATE -  Create posts to start discussions or ask questions in the community. You can also post ideas, comment on other posts, and use your creativity to engage with the NXTsoft Community.

You will get out of the NXTsoft Community, what you put into it! Take advantage of the community as a resource for collaboration with peers and a hub for information on NXTsoft products, events, updates, and an abundance of other topics. 

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