Hey there! Introduce yourself and see who's here

  • 24 March 2021
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Welcome to the NXTsoft community!

I’m Ben, and it’s my pleasure to welcome you to the NXTsoft community, where we have the opportunity to learn, connect, collaborate and share.

Take a quick minute to introduce yourself, so we can better connect. Here are some ideas:

  • Where in the world you are 🌎
  • Your work and any interests you care to share 💼
  • How you use NXTsoft solutions 🎉
  • Anything else you’d like the community to know about you 😃
  • What you’re looking for from this community 🔎

Thanks again for jumping in!


4 replies

While I’m based on the west side of Phoenix, AZ, my cohorts are based in NC. I’m in a business development role with InsurTech that is focused up truck insurance coverage management based on the application to the vehicles and driver dynamics. I’ve been a truck lover my whole life and most of my career has been a variety of roles that focus on the risks and coverage for transportation companies. I’ve been an advocate of NXTsoft since being introduced by another tech partner in the trucking world. I have been an advocate of the risk management and educational aspects that I appreciate of NXTsoft. I love to network and have many contacts in the trucking insurance and association communities. I love to learn and believe I’ll gain more insights, understanding, and the ability to help others from this community. rb

Hi Everyone! 

I’m Kristiane Mandraki, based out of Austin, TX but originally from the UK (still working on my Texas drawl 😂) 

I’m the associate director of marketing for Praxent. We’re a design, engineering and implementation partner for financial services companies and we’re a NXTsoft partner! We help fast track fintechs for integration with NXTsoft or for FIs we can implement NXTsoft - we also specialize in customer experience design. We really love NXTsoft for how simply it enables banks to quickly update critical customer facing aspects of their digital banking experience.

I’m here to learn more about FI and fintech challenges and to network. I’m always open to get to know you meetings and even more open to happy hours! 




Great to see you here, Rich and Kristiane!


Madison Junqueira here. I live in Alabama, and I am a digital marketing nerd at NXTsoft.

I enjoy marketing, language-learning, and playing with our golden doodle pup, Luna.

Look forward to connecting with people in this community!


Hey There - it’s Joe Dahleen from FirstClose a NXTSoft partner. 

Now I am running the new acquisition that was recently completed called HomeScout, LLC. We are a nationwide provider of MLS listing services for lenders to use our SaaS tool as a customer conversion platform. 
for everyone else - it’s a private label Zillow private labeled for lenders.  

You all can reach out to for a demo if you have a lending client that needs a top of funnel strategy for purchase money business or even for refinance business.